Part List

These are the parts required to fully populate the LNMP board. Some of these parts are optional; see the Part Selection Guide for more info.

I don’t give part numbers for resistors because generic resistors will work just fine in this circuit. See the Part Selection Guide for specific advice about choosing resistors.

Components are marked “Alt.” are alternatives for the immediately preceding component.

Description Qty ID Digi-Key Newark Mouser
Low-noise op-amp, AD797AN 2 IC1, IC2 AD797AN 05F7659
     Alt. low-noise op-amp, LT1028CN8 2 IC1, IC2 LT1028CN8
     Alt. low-noise op-amp, OPA228PA 2 IC1, IC2 OPA228PA 75C4663
     Alt. low-noise op-amp, NE5534P 2 IC1, IC2 296-7043-5 08F2511 595-NE5534P
CFB output stage op-amp, LT1206CT7 1 IC3 LT1206CT7
Adjustable linear regulator, LM317 1 IC4 LM317TNS 07B6423 512-LM317T
Charge controller chip, MC3334xP 1 IC5 See part selection guide
Texas Instruments TLE2426CP ("rail splitter") 1 IC6 296-6548-5 –  595-TLE2426CP
Input filter cap, 330 µF/35 V 1 C1 P10299
Bypass cap, 0.1 µF, film 7 C2,5,9C15 BC1621 75-MKT1826410064
     Alt. bypass cap, 0.1 µF, ceramic 7 C2,5,9C15 399-2155 581-SR215E104M
Reservoir/bypass cap, 1 µF/16 V+ tantalum 7 C3,6,10C17 399-1429 80-T350A105K035
Phase-lead filter cap, film, 1500pF 1 C4 BC2185
     Alt. phase-lead filter cap, film, 2400pF 1 C4 BC2195
Filter cap, 6.8 µF/50 V 2 C7,8 Order with board
Metalized polyester box cap, 0.01 µF 2 C11C14 BC1712 75-MKT1826310014
     Alt. ceramic radial cap, 0.01 µF 2 C11C14 399-2121 581-SR211E103M
Output filter cap, 220 µF/16 V electrolytic 1 C12 P11199
Rail capacitor, 470 µF/16 V electrolytic 1 C16 P10248
     Alt. rail capacitor, 330 µF/25 V 1 C16 P10273
     Alt. rail capacitor, 220 µF/35 V 1 C16 P10297
Cermet multiturn trim pot, Bourns 3296W, 2K 1 R6 3296W-202 03F3879 652-3296W-1-202
     Alt. trim pot, BC CT-94W 1 R6 CT94W202 – 
     Alt. trim pot, Murata PV36W 1 R6 490-2284 81-PV36W202A01B00
     Alt. trim pot, Vishay-Spectrol Model 64 1 R6 67F5828 594-64W202
Generic diode 4 D1-4 1N4001GICT 18C8911 583-1N4001
LED, red diffused, 1.8V, 1-5 mA, 3mm 2 PLEDCLED HLMP1700 90F5862 512-HLMP-1700
Heat sink 2 n/a HS107 532-577202B00
DIP-8 IC socket, gold contacts 4 n/a AE7313 04M0550 575-11043308
Gain selector switch (mini SPDT toggle) 1 S1 360-1155 61F1245 612-100-A2311
     Alt. gain selector switch (36-pin header strip) 1 S1 929974-01-36 517-974-01-36
Shorting block for above 1 n/a S9002 517-951-00
Power switch (mini SPDT toggle) 1 S2,S3 360-1155 61F1245 612-100-A2311
5.5/2.1mm DC power jack (metal body) 1 n/a 163-1021
     Alt. DC power jack, isolated, locking 1 n/a –  –  163-1000
     Alt. DC power jack, metal body, closed-circuit 1 n/a CP-5 –  163-4304
BNC panel jack, isolated, high-quality 2 n/a 501-1037 565-3778
     Alt. BNC jack, cheap 2 n/a A24485 571-2269901
4×AAA battery holder, wire leads 2 BH 2482K 534-2482
     Alt. battery holder 2 BH BC4AAAW 12BH441
18V 0.5A+ switching regulated power supply 1 PS T454-P5P 418-TR1518
     Alt. power supply, 12V unregulated 1 PS T507-P5P 412-112104

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