Download Design Files

The design files are the ExpressPCB layout and schematic files we used when making the META42 circuit boards.

Some questions you may be asking:

Why are these files being given away?

The main reason is that we're no longer interested in pursuing the META42 line of development. It has been superceded by the PIMETA. Since this line of development has been abandoned, we decided to set the design free.

The other reason to release these files is that we've put a fair bit of time into the custom parts, and think that others may find these parts helpful.

What exactly are these files?

These are for a version 2.5 that was never put into production. It is similar to META42 v2.2, but it changes over from the EL200x to the BUF634 buffer, and it adds the R11 resistors. The board is 0.1" longer than v2.2, so it does not fit into the PacTec HML series cases like v2.2 did.

I did order prototypes of a board that differed very little from the version I'm offering for download. It was while testing this v2.5 prototype against a PIMETA prototype that I decided to abandon development on the META42 line. I make no representation about the quality or suitability of these designs for any purpose. All I can tell you is that I made some and they worked as expected for me.

Can I get boards made from these files?

Yes. Beware, however, that the per-board cost is very high if you just want a few boards. ExpressPCB's prices per board don't start to get reasonable until you order dozens of boards.

Can I make derivative works from these files?


While we do not require that you share any changes with us, we would appreciate it if you did. We want to see what derivatives people are making.

Can I resell the boards I order?

Yes, but be aware that "META42" is my trademark. If you want to sell copies of this design or derivatives of it, you will need to choose a new name.

So where are these files?

Right here: layout and schematic.

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